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Psychic Readings in Chicago, IL

Welcome to Psychic Serenity Tarot Card Readings. I specialize in palm readings, tarot card readings, chakra balancing, and aura cleansing services to help enhance your spiritual realm.  I provide my clients with a comprehensive approach to enhancing their spiritual, emotional, and physical well being.  

I am a God-gifted psychic whose sole purpose is to people achieve their highest potential in life.  Let me guide you in life's many complex decisions regarding love, relationships, health, money, and business.  I can help with any area of life that concerns you.  No matter what your fears, hopes or ambitions may be, there is no problem too great that we can't solve together. Open a window into your future with spiritual mediation.  Let today be a new start for a better tomorrow.  Call now to schedule your full life reading.